Home Brew kits

The Hop Shop carries the brewing kits you need to get that next batch of beer off the ground – just add water! Okay, it’s a little more involved than that, but you get the idea. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to give home brewing a try or an accomplished brewer, our brewing kits will serve you well. The Hop Shop carries the finest beer_mugbeer ingredient kits available for the home brewer. From ales to stouts, wheats and beyond, you’ll find an ingredient kit to please your palate. The Hop Shop carries an assortment of ingredient kits that includes True Brew, Muntons, Coopers, Mountmellick, Alexanders and more (availability may vary at times – please contact The Hop Shop if you’re traveling any distance).

Equipment kits make home brewing about as simple as it gets. Our typical home brewing kit contains:

-6.5 gallon Primary Fermenting Bucket with drilled & grommetted lid
-6.5 gallon Bottling Bucket with spigot
-Rack & Fill kit
-Double Level Capper
-Bottle Brush
-Sanitizing Cleanser
-Fermometer (fermenting thermometer)

Beer Ingredients

The Hop Shop carries an outstanding supply of ingredients for all brewers. Whether you’re an ale afficianado or a five star stout master, you’ll likely consider The Hop Shop to be a home brewer’s paradise. Setting the standard for excellence, The Hop Shop is stocked with a wide choice of malts, hops, yeasts, extracts, sugars, chemicals – the list is long and varied. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we would be happy to try to get it for you! A great beer starts with the finest ingredients and The Hop Shop is the place to get your home brewing ingredients. The Hop Shop has the “Goods for what ales ya”™.

Beer Equipment & Supplies

The selection of equipment and supplies at The Hop Shop will round out all your brewing needs. From boiling kettles to bottles, Party Pigs to wort chillers, The Hop Shop is the only stop you need to make in Southern Maine when you’re setting out to brew your next batch of beer. Remember that when you’re looking for quality products at reasonable prices, go directly to The Hop Shop! If you’re in need of an idea, stuck in a brewer’s rut, or trying to troubleshoot, the resident brewmaster is always happy to help. If you can’t wait to get to the shop, contact him now with your question or comment.

Goods for what ales ya!